Road safety

The latest outbreak of anti-
cycling vandalism (spreading tacks on the road) does nothing to address the “problem” of the motoring/cycling interface, which the roads infrastructure in Scotland simply cannot deal with, nor will we have the money to do so in the foreseeable future. There is therefore an onus on cyclists to protect themselves by doing everything possible to be seen.

Legislation requiring high-viz clothing (waistcoat or bandolier) and effective lights would surely be uncontroversial and enable the police to, initially, “have a word”.

Some of the anti-cyclist animus is caused by the fright all drivers have had coming across an “invisible” cyclist on a bend, in poor light etc.

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(There are, by the way, just as many stupid car drivers as cyclists out there, who do not use dipped headlights and give themselves an extra split second to be seen.)

Other irritations include riding two, even three, abreast. The same legislation could require cyclists to be single file in built-up areas.

The explosion in popularity of cycling is a good thing, but until we begin to approach the facilities provided in, say, Denmark or the Netherlands (50 years?) it behoves cyclists as well as motorists to do everything possible to minimise risk.

David Roche

Coupar Angus

Perth and Kinross