Rights at home

While I can appreciate the desire for Labour and Liberal politicians to seek to portray the Tories as intolerant and evil, I'm afraid the knee-jerk reaction to the comments by shadow home secretary Chris Grayling (your report, 5 April) on B&Bs being forced to accept homosexual couples are not very liberal.

If I used my home as a B&B, I would not allow unmarried couples to share one of my beds. Likewise for homosexual couples.

Unmarried couples of whatever sexuality would be welcome to stay in my home, in separate rooms. Surely I am entitled to allow my own standards of sexual morality in my own home?

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Why should the state think it has the right to enforce adultery or what I would consider immoral sexual behaviour in my house?

It is a sign of the illogicality and spinelessness of modern politicians that so few have either the sense to see, or the guts to oppose, state enforced sexual immorality.


Shamrock St