Right-wing rule

I struggle to follow the argument of Mae Mitchell (Letters, 30 May) that “if we vote for independence, surely the strength of the right-wing vote increases proportionally”, a statement that seems to defy logical analysis of the results of the recent European election except for those inhabiting rUK.

Whatever spin the Labour Party and supporters of a No vote in the referendum put on results (and Andrew HN Gray tried hard in his letter of the same day to justify a rather desperate pro-Union slant), the fact is that support for Ukip would appear to be substantially greater outside than inside Scotland.

Therefore, if Labour Party supporters vote No in the referendum and, along with Conservative, Liberal Democrat and Ukip supporters, deny Scotland independence, then our country is likely to be subjected in the future to even more right-wing government from Westminster than we are currently experiencing under the coalition.

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Perhaps this is what Mae Mitchell wishes, but I doubt that most traditional supporters of the Labour Party in Scotland wish more years of possibly moderated Conservative government, never mind government under a new coalition of the Tory and Ukip parties.

Sincere Labour Party politicians in Scotland cannot have it both ways.

Either they seek to promote more progressive social policies which they can honestly pursue in an independent Scotland or they seek a No vote in the referendum and in effect promote a future that can be openly represented, perhaps uncomfortably for some, under the banner “Better Together with Ukip”.

Stan Grodynski


East Lothian