A right to know nuclear targets

SURELY the people of Scotland are entitled to know the targets of the 200 nuclear warheads stationed at Faslane.

Is Russia a target? Russia, whose leader suggested dismantling Syria’s poisonous gas installations instead of bombing them, as proposed by the US?

Is China a target? Is China a military threat? Or is it Iran? Until a few days ago this seemed likely as we’ve heard so much about Iran’s “illegal” nuclear programme. Now we, the West, are relying on Iran to bolster Iraq’s faltering regime.

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The IRA can no longer be a target if, indeed, it ever was. Even if all the above are targets, it still leaves an awful lot of missiles unaccounted for.

Does Westminster really have so many enemies on this little planet? If so, should they not be sweet-talking them?

As they are clearly not, and seem determined to cling to the nuclear trigger, voting Yes would seem to provide Scotland with 200 new friends overnight. Come to think of it, it could also save civilisation as we know it.

Joseph G Miller, Dunfermline