Rewriting the history books

GOLLY. So, according to Adam Tompkins, to be “statist” no longer means to support big government, but instead to be in favour of Scottish statehood (Insight, 28 July). Given his further revelations that 
the Scottish Parliament was created by unionists in isolation and that you can’t be a “modern-day unionist” without also being a devolutionist, clearly a mass pulping of 
dictionaries and history books is now in order.

It makes you wonder how everyone else could have been getting their terminology so wrong for so long. However, where his article does perform a useful service is in acknowledging that “there is nothing incompatible about being a unionist and a nationalist at once”.

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Indeed not – perhaps some of your regular pro-UK correspondents who try to insist that they are “patriots” rather than Scottish or British nationalists will take note.

Richard Thomson, Foveran