Review needed

Fergus Ewing claims that, should the Stronelairg wind farm be constructed (your ­report, 12 February), it would “create work during its construction and operation”. He also claims it will save thousands of tonnes of carbon dioxide each year.

How many good local jobs? How many jobs would be ­created and sustained if the subsidy SSE would receive were to be spent instead on a much enhanced strategy of reducing domestic energy usage? Or on research into and development of forms of renewable ­energy other than onshore wind? How many more tonnes of CO2 would be saved?

Such a shift in strategy would also save many a “key component of Scotland’s identity” (quoting Scottish Natural Heritage in its objection to the Stronelairg wind farm).

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These are just some of the questions many have been asking but getting no answers, instead receiving assertions from vested interests and politicians.

It is time the independent energy commission that the Scottish Wild Land Group and the John Muir Trust have been demanding for many years was established.

John Milne

Scottish Wild Land Group

Ardgowan Drive