Research fears

When 14 of the world’s most eminent scientists unanimously state “we contend that Scotland’s research interests will be much better served by remaining within the common research area called the United Kingdom”, then I know they mean what they say (Letters, 23 May).

As someone whose business is to supply their laboratories, I do realise many of my fellow Scots might not immediately recognise those associated with the open letter. I assure you, when these particular Scottish-based scientists publish anything, it is always based on sound research and results that frequently take painstaking years to convince them that what they release is factually correct. Their comments should be taken seriously, very seriously.

My own company services the same research sector throughout the UK. We are headquartered in Scotland, but more than 80 per cent of our business is generated from the university research sector south of Hadrian’s Wall. I, too, realise that should Scotland choose to separate from our friends and neighbours in England and Wales, then we will be faced with a serious choice. We’re not as big as Standard Life, but in terms of economic sustainability we, too, need the larger customer base than contained within a separate Scotland.

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Galen Milne

Managing director,

Thistle Scientific Ltd

Uddingston, Glasgow