Reporting bias

No independent commission has ever been established to determine the proper division of assets, liabilities, duties and obligations between England and Scotland nor, indeed, the exact constitutional position of Scotland. Now that the independence referendum is so close, it is tragic that there is insufficient time to arrange this.

What should have been a serious discussion has been reduced to a sequence of conflicting statements by economists of various cults, each pronouncement being delivered with the assured confidence so often associated with party loyalty or mendacity. Confusion is compounded by the naive belief that information provided by the Treasury or other parts of Whitehall must be completely reliable.

What makes the situation so much worse is the fact that most of the information about important constitutional issues is provided to the public by parochial, London-based newspapers.

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The BBC struggles to provide a balanced view but, alas, usually fails.

(Dr) Peter Dryburgh

Newbattle Terrace