Religious values

The Reverend J Harrison (Letters, 1 June) reports that the Christian population of Africa is 48 per cent, up from 2 per cent in 1900.

It does not automatically follow that there is more compassion and less cruelty. Recently, a Ugandan MP proposed the death penalty for some consensual sexual acts (your report, 21 May) , while in Malawi a gay couple have been sentenced to 14 years in jail (ibid). Even in the UK, there are persons whose pleasure is to condemn others, as if they themselves were self-created.


McVeagh Street

Huntly, Aberdeenshire

Donald Smith believes that Jesus founded Christianity (Letters, 1 June). That was certainly not his intention (he was a Jew intent on trying to fulfil Jewish aspirations). Christianity was founded by Paul of Tarsus, by mistake and not for any ethical reasons. He thought that he was fulfilling Jesus's mission and expected the latter's imminent return.


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