Religious killing

While most people are repulsed by the pointless slaughter of American reporter James Foley by Islamic State fanatics, this is a progression from the crucifixions and other atrocities they have already been guilty of.

Therefore, perhaps we should pause for a moment to reflect. Several hundred years ago similar acts were being carried out by Christians against non-believers during the Crusades and a little later during the various inquisitions inflicted on Europe.

This persecution was carried out for almost exactly the same reasons as those in Syria and Iraq. In all these instances the people carrying out the unspeakable acts felt they were carrying out God’s will and that he would approve of what they did.

This is why they considered themselves entirely justified in their actions and were lauded for them.

What is occurring now should serve as a stark reminder of the abominations carried out in the name of religion over the years.


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Brian Allan

Keith Street