Refugee question

The UK must not be pressured by the EU into taking more 

I am sure others share a similar concern over the current immigration crisis being forced upon the UK by Europe and more widely by the Middle 

My concerns relate to an issue of national security. What is being done by the UK Government to ensure that we are not being infiltrated by further Jihadists from Syria and like-minded terrorist states through a veil of refugee and asylum claimants?

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I see young fit healthy men coming off boats equipped with iPhones, and I am sure my opinion is shared that these are not the images of refugees one would warrant as being destitute and starving.

In the Second World War when the UK was at threat from tyranny, the young men defended our island at all costs; if the same happened today I am sure we would stand united.

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Why, then, are the young men of Syria and Libya fleeing as refugees and abandoning their country and allowing the Islamic State regime freedom to expand, or is there some other agenda which unites the “refugees” in expanding into Europe and the UK?

There are many other surrounding neighbouring Gulf states, nations such as the oil-rich states of UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, which appear to be doing nothing to support the refugee crisis.

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There is surely a better cultural fit for the refugees in these parts of the world, yet they have no desire to travel there.

We have had a recent history of home-grown Jihadists which pose a real threat to the people of this nation.

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The last thing we need to do is invite the potential for more to cross our border en masse and house them in our neighbourhoods.

Perhaps the EU should focus on negotiating with the aforementioned Gulf states on numbers of migrants to re-settle there and not the UK.

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Steven Kidd

Hopecroft Road

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