Red lines on EU

Even the most ardent of SNP spinners accept that if an independent Scotland is to be a member of the EU then it will have to negotiate the terms of its re-entry (or continuing membership).

The crux of the matter is: what will be the terms arising from these negotiations?

The SNP needs to demonstrate to voters that it will insist on setting down “red lines” in key areas such as the Schengen Agreement, agriculture and fisheries, and the euro.

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Moreover, recent events in Cyprus demonstrate how vulnerable to external influence a small state is in the EU.

The SNP is constantly trumpeting the mantra that the best people to decide how Scotland should be governed are those who live in Scotland.

Can it assure the people of Scotland that it would negotiate terms with the EU ensuring that in an independent Scotland it would be the Scottish Government, and not Angela Merkel, whose hands would be on the tiller?

Colin Hamilton

Braid Hills Avenue