Recycling waste

Environmental secretary Richard Lochhead told MSPs that the Scottish Government is looking at a “deposit-and-return” scheme to recycle empty bottles and cans.

Agency Zero Waste Scotland has published a report and is asking for comments. I would imagine that most will be unprintable.

Nearly every household already has a recycling bin and there are bottle banks in supermarkets and other areas accessible to the public.

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There are far more important considerations such as the 165,000 unemployed in Scotland, the imminent closure of Longannet, that Tullis Russell is in administration, that Prestwick is a subsidised, dying white elephant and numerous economic and social problems.

Mr Lochhead said: “Is deposit and return the next big thing in Scotland?”

How much are we paying him and his entourage for this drivel?

The words “Rome”, “burns” and “fiddling” spring to mind.

Clark Cross

Springfield Road