Reckless wish list

I received through my
letterbox today a copy of the SNP’s utopian propaganda

It is a shameless list of undeliverable promises and assertions, once again not backed up with substance, clearly aimed at those who consider themselves disadvantaged, and the feckless who will think they have nothing to lose by voting Yes. I would
caution that if it seems too good to be true, it generally is.

It states “Our financial services, tourism and whisky sectors
generate billions of pounds every year. Our life sciences sector is booming and our universities are world leaders.”

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All reports show the financial sector would be disastrously
affected due to the uncertainty surrounding the strength of the currency Scotland would have and the movement of a great number of financial institutions to England. If, as is probable,
Scotland had to sign up to the Schengen agreement, that would mean border controls between Scotland and England which clearly would adversely affect tourism.

Universities would lose out on the very favourable research grants they currently get from the UK and, with a lack of funding, the scientists would leave to carry out their research where better funding was available.

The only way to keep the
universities funded would be to charge tuition fees and, since one of the central planks of the EU is to prohibit discrimination
between member states, this would mean that Scottish
students would have to pay fees as well as everybody else from the EU .

The only way to preserve no fees for Scots would be to offer the same advantage to all EU
students, which is not affordable.

The SNP have consistently shown that they will say
simply anything in their recklessly irresponsible pursuit of breaking away from the UK at any and all costs.

donald lewis


East Lothian