Reasons to be fearful of truth

EVERY poll published to date has indicated that the people of Scotland, particularly the young, want more information on the nitty-gritty of what would be the aftermath of Scotland’s separation, if they should so decide. When this information is supplied from neutral sources and it is not to the liking of the SNP, up goes the spin doctor-manufactured cries of “Project Fear’’ and “Fear Factor’’. A question is asked and it is answered. If the answer does not suit one side of the argument, that is unfortunate for them, but it is not an attempt “to create fear’’.

I am not sure of the reasoning of those complaining – if the truthful answers to post-referendum questions are “turning off voters’’ and “sending them into the arms of the Nationalists’’, why does the SNP protest? If it were true, surely they would positively welcome the 
supposed “Project Fear’’ 
and the last thing they would do is complain. One must conclude therefore that it is the answers, the truth, that is feared. There is no conspiracy.

Alexander McKay, Edinburgh