Real life job risks

My son, who works for a non-technical subcontractor to the Ministry of Defence, has been told that in the event of independence he will lose his job as the subcontractor would move its operations south.

It’s not scaremongering. This employer’s function would simply be irrelevant in an independent Scotland.

As a concerned mother, for me this is one job loss too many and I’m not prepared to see my son made redundant to satisfy Alex Salmond’s and the SNP’s narrow nationalistic ambitions.

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I am sure there are, in and around Clydeside, many parents like me wondering what is going to happen to the jobs of their children and possibly grandchildren.

Parents of shipyard workers at BAE Systems, parents of defence workers at Babcock, parents of the workers of engineering companies such as Weirs and Aggreko.

And I’m sure it’s equally the case in other parts of central Scotland for the parents of those who work in the large financial services sector and in UK government departments such as HMRC and National Savings and Investments.

The loss of these and other jobs is far too high a price to pay for independence. And there is absolutely no guarantee that 
finance secretary John Swinney’s fanciful job creation schemes would offset these job losses.

Rachel Smith

West Lennox Drive