Real Euro battle

Here we go again. The UK is to be represented by Electro Velvet (who?) in the Eurovision Song Contest in Vienna in May.

The song is called Still In Love With You, not that the TV audience was allowed to choose either the singers or song.

Why does the BBC continue to treat the Song Contest, which has an audience of 180 million, with contempt? Last year, the pop industry brought £4 billion into the economy and employed 110,000 people full time.

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Artists like Sam Smith, Ed Sheeran, Ellie Goulding, Adele and Girls Aloud dominate world charts. Why then do we persist in sending karaoke singers to the contest?

In the old days, major singers like Cliff Richard and Sandie Shaw represented the UK. We used to win it too!

It is time Scotland was allowed to send a representative. Amy MacDonald or Calvin Harris would do well. If Australia can be represented, what would be the objection?

John Lloyd

Keith Place