Readers' letters: Kirk must get out of its bunker and help the poor

In 1761, when the poor of the parish were starving, 16 weavers got together in the church at Fenwick to form a group selling oats at a discount. This care for the poor went on to become the Co-operative movement.

I walk past the offices of today’s Church of Scotland and wonder why my church offers no clothes banks, no food banks, no free meals for the poor and no apparent concern for those who are now toiling to feed and clothe themselves and their children. In Edinburgh’s Leith the Sikh church feeds the needy. At Tollcross there is a free clothes bank in the Methodist Hall. We maintain a hotel in Galilee

The Church which professes to be our national Church appears content to sit in its bunker and remain indifferent to the needs of the poor in Scotland, just as it remains indifferent to Scottish politics.

Perhaps they should begin to wonder whether parishioners who pay yearly towards it think it is worth the candle.