Readers' Letters: Don’t expect milk and honey in solo Scotland

I wonder about these sad, deluded souls who believe that shortly after Independence Scotland will become a land flowing with milk and honey.
Are Yes supporters looking through Saltire-coloured glasses?Are Yes supporters looking through Saltire-coloured glasses?
Are Yes supporters looking through Saltire-coloured glasses?

Capital flight will be the first event and will take place ahead of the referendum. It will not return ever if Scots vote for independence.

After a "successful" vote the financial sector will leave, though whether to London or Dublin will depend on how things work out.

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This will be followed by a collapse in the property market, not to mention a large gap in the tax take.

Naturally, I voted to leave what is a corrupt gravy train, or the European Union, as it prefers to be known. I may say that the whole EU will collapse thanks to the euro, which has bankrupted the whole of southern Europe – a collapse should take place within the next ten years, or just about the time approval for an independent Scotland's application for membership comes up for consideration.

Then, when we have our own currency the "boys" will sell it into the ground. They have a nose for weak situations. This may reach a level such that no one will accept our "groat" and hoteliers will eventually take only Sterling in settlement. This will mean that Scots will be unable to take holidays abroad.

Finally, before the hard border comes up at Berwick those companies who do most of their business in England will move South to avoid tariffs. George Osborne's northern powerhouse may come to fulfilment on the back of Scottish emigres.

One further point. We have seen what turmoil followed a 48/52 referendum decision. For a potentially catastrophic decision I should have thought at least 60 per cent was the minimum requirement for such a vote.

R White, Edinburgh

Strange silence

Another day, and another set of grievances accompanied by the usual invective – “scandalous”, “outrageous” etc.However, on a day when we were rejoicing in the approval of the Oxford vaccine, helped by £88 million of UK government money (including vaccinations for Scotland), not a single word of praise from SNP members at Westminster or Holyrood.

We should not be surprised as they have yet to praise the help with furlough.Could Scotland on their own have delivered either? I think not. Will those proposing to block the border turn back transport carrying the vaccine? I think not.

Douglas Cook, St Ninian’s Road, Linlithgow

Playing Pointless

If ever there was a pointless exercise, it was the reconvening of MSPs at Holyrood for a virtue signalling vote about Brexit in a matter where the MSPs have no influence and jurisdiction. Did the majority voters want a no-deal, contrary to their previously expressed views ?

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Perhaps, next time, they could do their virtue signalling at midnight, socially spaced on Edinburgh's seven hills using semaphore flags. It would have just as much impact and relevance.

And a New Year wish – would The Scotsman please update the photographs of columnists? Let's be proud, if we are older, and display the sagacity of our years

Fraser MacGregor, Liberton Drive, Edinburgh

Trouble ahead?

The Scottish Parliament voted to refuse legislative consent on the Brexit Agreement, which they say will “cause severe damage to Scotland's environmental, economic and social interests”. By doing so, they give themselves a genuine problem in their desire to rejoin the EU. Do they join, knowing that they will have to trade with their biggest export partner, the UK, under rules they have already voted on that will cause severe damage to Scotland, not to mention handing back full access to Scotland’s fish stocks?

Parliament, be careful what you vote for.

James G Smith, Hillview Road, Aberdeen

Beyond belief

Thank God for Ruth Davidson. Scottish Labour’s decision to join Willie Rennie and the Greens in the growing band of Nicola’s little helpers and vote with the SNP at Holyrood in supporting a no-deal Brexit simply defied belief.

Tory Ms Davidson has what all the other so-called leaders at Holyrood lack – integrity.

Alexander McKay, New Cut Rigg, Edinburgh

Big blunder

North of the Border Boris Johnson is dismissed as a buffoon.

Yet he won the 2016 referendum, the Tory leadership, renegotiated the “non-negotiable” EU Withdrawal Deal, gave Labour its worst defeat in a general election since 1935 and pulled off a Brexmas trade deal. This so unhinged First Minister Nicola Sturgeon that, in a fit of absence of mind, she ordered her troops to vote against the bill in the Commons – and presumably for “no-deal”!

As she had sunk our best chance of a soft Brexit in the spring of 2019 – when the pro-European, One Nation Tory Ken Clarke’s option of staying in the Customs Union while leaving the EU’s political project was beaten by six votes – the SNP’s position is farcical.

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It’s their greatest strategic blunder since 1979 when they voted with the Tories to bring down Jim Callaghan’s Labour government and clear the way for their nemesis, Margaret Thatcher.

(Dr) John Cameron, Howard Place, St Andrews

Credit shared

I refer to yesterday’s article, “Camilla’s tribute to Maggie’s founder”. Whilst fully endorsing and applauding the Pride of Scotland Award to Dame Laura Lee, Chief Executive of the wonderful Maggie’s Centres, I’m sure that Dame Laura, a friend and former colleague, would shy away from being called the “founder” and wish the credit to be given to the late Maggie Keswick Jencks, to her late husband, Charles, and to the late Barbara Grigor, whose concept the Caring Centres were. Dr Robert Leonard, Maggie’s oncologist also deserves to be named as a supporter of the plan.

Maggie fully approved of the appointment of Dame Laura to the post but, tragically, died before the first centre opened in Edinburgh. She would be delighted to learn of the Duchess of Rothesay’s award and undoubtedly, as you state, Dame Laura’s achievement in overseeing the opening of 24 Centres is “incredible” and the continuing success of them can be attributed to her sensitivity and leadership.

Morag Air, Campbell Road, Longniddry, East Lothian

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