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Today we're punishing drink-drivers, rewarding traffic diversions and bailing out businessmen and politicians

Lothian and Borders Police have confiscated seven cars from suspected drink-drivers in December.

I cannot see why people would consider this a bad thing? The person caught only gets their vehicle taken after they have done it TWICE. So for some to say it would penalise an innocent member of the family. My response is WHO CARES! The offender does not particularly care if they kill someone whilst drink driving or else they would not do it. So why should anyone have any feelings for the offender's family who probably know this person (used to) drink drive until their car was taken from them. More tree hugging thinking it would appear?

James (1)

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Excellent news. Now lets see cars confiscated from selfish Edinburgh car drivers who break other driving laws/regulations and the Highway Code. It would be fantastic watching a car driver's reaction after his car is confiscated after being issued with a parking ticket! Let's see them taken off drivers who illegally use their mobile phones while driving, and those selfish morons who illegally use bus lanes and park in bus stops.


Cars should be removed for a first drink offence, again we're far too lenient on these people. if you don't want to lose your car don't drink. It's simple, and maybe give a life driving ban at the same time.

the dog, edin

Staff behind the city centre tram diversions have won the 'best team' award from the council. Fire away!

Are they havin a laugh!


Sorry, but they are taking the urine aren't they! Is it April the 1st??

TankEngine, Edinburgh

The diversions and Princes St works were simply a joke, and if that was the best they could do, then pity help us for the next phase.


And the award will surprise Lothian and Borders Police Traffic Support Wardens as well. It is they who turn out on a telephone call to endure the wrath of the motorist to take up points duty, close roads for short notice works and resolve traffic build up caused by ill thought out diversions. They are the unheralded foot soldiers who try to make the road chaos palatable for the Edinburgh public.

Trapper too, Colinton

The Scottish Parliament has coughed up 30,000 to bail out a body set up to promote links between the business community and politicians.

These sums would scarcely make a dent in the lunch, dinner, and hotel expenses of such a collection of business and political leaders!

El Franko

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Is it doing anything for the tax payer? No, then let it fold and try and help the tax payer not a plaything to keep some one in a job.

pitpony, musselburgh

So this is what happens to the "top" business brains is it – with only an 'o' level in arithmetic I could see there was a huge recession coming with all that it entails. Bail outs? Save them for services that benefit all.

marilyn ssp, southside

"Top business brains"? More like "Festering business bottoms"!