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City in cash crisis as the council has snow cash left to clear roads or pay sick teachers, but the airport's splashing out

The council claims it has run out of cash to clear snow from roads if the weather turns again, but if leaders were looking for sympathy in their predicament, they had come to the wrong place.

I forecast the parking attendants being told to be even more vigilant, and even more withdrawal of services to schools and the elderly. However, I see the councillors' junkets increasing as they find an excuse to visit a council in Vancouver to see how they cope with snow.


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How about sending the councillors on a long journey to visit a "salt production facility"? I believe they have some in a place called Siberia where they could enjoy all the facilities.

ChrisEH26, Penicuik

Aye, only Edinburgh Cooncil could fail to prepare for a Scottish winter. Maybe they have fallen into the trap of believing all the global warming nonsense and stockpiled bottled water and ice lollies instead?


I suggest that there should be no food supplied at lunchtime council meetings, also councillors and their assistants use the city bus service instead of city cabs. Also some of those top tier managers, directors etc could take a day or two off unpaid. That may free up a few quid to keep the city moving if we get another downfall of snow.

Edge Living, Out there somewhere

After failing to grit our street for the entire month ice was present on pavements and roads, a gritter van came round yesterday – after the ice had all melted. Have the council any idea at all what they're doing?

A Friend of Fernando Poo

Financial headaches don't end there for the city. The council's about to be slapped with a 1.1m bill for sick teachers' holiday pay. Educators, avert your eyes now.

There are no proper teachers these days – they are all limp-wristed layabouts. Years ago, the teacher was feared and respected – these days they let their pupils do whatever they please, don't teach them respect or manners and fail to punish them. We would be better off sacking the lot of them and closing all schools since kids these days leave school illiterate.


While I appreciate some teachers are parents themselves, all these 'lost days' end up creating havoc with organising child care, other workers having to use up their less than generous holidays etc. I know there is always the 'we do marking' but a good deal of non-teaching work could be done Friday afternoons, and during the long holidays. You will find most teachers cars parks empty ten minutes after the bell.


And finally, arriving shortly at Edinburgh Airport is a giant bronze arch to welcome visitors to the city.

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I would've thought that the abundance of road closures, diversions, tram works and general carnage and gridlock would be a far more dramatic welcome.


I don't get what it has to do with anything, let alone Edinburgh!

Mince Pie Supper, Edinburgh

Reminds me of the crown from the Statue of Liberty, lying smashed on the beach in the closing scene of Planet of the Apes.

Thomas the Tank, Edinburgh