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Travel woes consume our onliners, but there's no word on trams, while city cuts sink in and there's some aping around

112 million is to be spent retaining the Forth Road Bridge for a bus lane.

Watching the government's mishandling of this continues to be like watching a car crash in slow motion. If the existing bridge is going to be overhauled (at great cost) anyway, we simply do not need to spend billions on a new bridge.

Duncan in Edinburgh

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The old bridge should be refurbished and opened for traffic. If the correct builders are used for the construction of the new bridge, then the money saved can be used to restore the old one. It does not cost 1bn for a 2.4km bridge over water.

noswod, Honestas

You could not make this stuff up. 112m for a bus lane? The country is in the bin financially and these lunatics are determined to really bankrupt us totally. Refurbish the old bridge and stop there, Bobs your mother's brother.


Now for the anti-car lobby.

Fantastic news. The only ones moaning about the bus lane are the selfish car drivers, who will be forced to sit in their own congestion, and watch as the buses whiz past. I hope the passengers add to the car drivers' misery by laughing at the losers sitting in their stationery cars!!


As the selfish car drivers gaze through their binoculars – or perhaps small telescopes – across the yawning chasm at the laughing faces on the buses in the far, far distance, their misery will be complete.


Festivals, charities and community groups across the city, meanwhile, are facing huge funding cuts as the council fights deficits.

It is about time a lot of the funding to organisations in North Edinburgh and Craigmillar was stopped. About time they realised it is not a gravy train.

NorT, Edinburgh

Wonderful, and not before time.

The Real Alfonsa Pedrosa, edinburgh

Excellent. Support groups who give real help to those who most need it can now line up and watch an occasional tram go by, knowing that their sacrifice has been well worth it. They just don't know when, like the rest of us.


Monkey business now, as the zoo's chimps gets behind the camera for a BBC documentary.

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Well I know the BBC has had cutbacks and are forced to pay peanuts, but c'mon


Chimps with Cams filming us, now that would be worth viewing.

The Real Alfonsa Pedrosa, edinburgh

"Producer John Capener said he developed the idea for the experiment when he watched a television programme a couple of years ago that was so awful he thought a chimp could do better." Was this on a Saturday night, by any chance?