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It's Thursday, which must mean it's tram time. On top of that we've got a bookie backing down and an airline flying high

Tram workers are being sent back to Princes Street to patch up the latest round of holes in the road, which have been blamed on the weather.

A more sensible approach would have been to wait for more suitable weather before laying the tarmac. However it's not a perfect world, Princes Street had to be re-opened for Xmas. A no-win situation for the council.

Icebreaker, newbridge

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Half the roads in the city are potholed because of the combination of the recent freeze and historical lack of maintenance. No real surprise that this is true of Princes Street too.

Duncan in Edinburgh

Having personally witnessed the contractors laying hot asphalt topcoat into large stretches containing 6 inches of standing water between Hanover St and Fredrick St in the late-November panic, I know enough to be able to state that within the next nine months the whole stretch will have broken up and separated and will require complete removal and relaying.

Harry from Howgate, Embra

It's a road, for God's sake, it's bound to suffer some wear and tear.


We had bad weather yes, It's a road yes, but it was only laid 2 months ago!

reincarnated, Edinburgh

I think we know it's a road. But if you had your drive laid (properly) and it started to break up after less than two months I think you'd want your money back.

abner doubleday, Princes Street

You think it's bad just now? Just wait until the weight of the trams adds to the stresses on the road surface.

Curious Yellow, Edinburgh

I like to collect the loose bits. It's like the Berlin Wall, everyone wants a piece.

Mince Pie Supper, Edinburgh

More . When are the council going to tell the council taxpayer how much the shortfall is?

Statsman, Edinburgh

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Very worrying that no councillors or independent body is keeping close watch over TIE to scrutinise what they're doing.

DAVID, Edinburgh

The Evening News came to the rescue after a bookie tried to get out of honouring Darren Scales' bet.

Well done the EEN, and I hope Mr Scales enjoys his winnings.

The Real Alfonsa Pedrosa

You could say that the Scales of justice were tipped in his favour . . . I'll get my coat . . .

Edinburgh's Finest

What a heart-warming story.

blackley, Edinburgh

Heart-warming?? Gambler makes some money doesn't really make into the warm-warming category for me. Amazing to see a bookies can attempt to pull the wool over a punter's eyes like this but I'm also amazed to see that the betting slip is hand-written. I would've thought it'd all be computerised at this stage.


Finally, Ryanair has announced three new routes from Edinburgh.

Very good, but remember this is Paris Beauvais and not CDG. Paris itself is about 50 miles away.

digestive biscuits V

The Faro route is vacant following the collapse of Flyglobespan so is welcome.

dyon gollins's back, Den Haag

This is a great move for both Ryanair and the airport, loads of money from no-frills.

The Real Alfonsa Pedrosa

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