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School swaps, tram security and the opening of some of the Capital's green spaces are today's main talking points

The decision to swap St Joseph's and Broomhouse primaries has been postponed for a year.

Once again MacLaren and Tee conspire to make management of education look like E>mc2. As with school closures: fail to prepare properly, ignore the expert evidence, and blunder on regardless. A saving of 130,000 a year can be made from removing Tee, and a much greater improvement to the acceptable face of politics by removing MacLaren.

escape from spam valley

This won't go away as you hope for so just do it.

The Real Alfonsa Pedrosa

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Take down the dividing wall – hey presto, one school big enough for everyone.


What's the point of stalling the inevitable for a year? It will bring all the nasties out again. A year of building bridges will be destroyed again in 12 months. End of the day it does nothing for both schools. They are in limbo land. All this sitting on the fence is a wonderful lesson to teach to the kids – let's all hide under a blanket and hope the problem will go away in a year. It is a waste of taxpayers' money.


Not much support for that move then, much like the decision to call in Lothian Buses workers to help protect the tram. Trams anger? Well I never.

Steve Cardownie said: "You just wonder what's next – has anything ever gone to plan with this project?" Yes Steve, and who is in charge of overseeing all this? Steve Cardownie, and we the voters will not forget this come polling day.

Thinner Bob 79

The biggest "hazard" to this monstrosity is of being towed away for causing unnecessary obstruction. As it's a bit heavy and the tracks only run for 400 metres in either direction, it should be quite safe.

Thomas the Tank

"Eight of the city's 27 tram vehicles have now been completed" – 27 engines and carriages for 1 line? How's that going to work?

Nick Nick

I hope Lothian Buses charges the council for providing security – after all, the trams haven't been handed over to Lothian Buses yet have they?


All it is doing is creating a bottleneck for bus travellers and adding to the already considerable congestion.

Tommy Blue

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Because all these trams will be ready before there's anywhere to store them, why don't they plonk them in various places across the city after they've been painted on by people? Like they did with the cows.

digestive biscuits V

They could put them in some of the city's parks and gardens that are set to be opened to the public.

What a wonderful place St Patrick Square is. There is a wonderful atmosphere of alcohol-induced violence and intimidation, coupled with the begging, outdoor urination, smashed bottles of Buckfast and discarded drugs paraphernalia that cannot be found in any other major European city. There's a beautiful big space just off the Royal Mile the council could use for a fantastic city park. Calton something or other . . .


St Andrew Square is now a really nice space with no vandalism last time I was there. Having Charlotte Square open would encourage the people who work there to get out and enjoy some air at lunchtime – or maybe that's why they object; wouldn't want THEIR workers unchaining themselves from their desks.

It's heading straight for us!