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The council's spending to save, parents are furious about school bus cuts, and off licence bosses are going it alone

The council's set to spend up to 1.2m to consultants for cost-cutting advice...

Save first 1.2m by not using consultants - surely there must be someone within the council's large workforce who can do this task without outside help.

Nitpicking, Edinburgh

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This has got to stop. If the council's own think tank cannot do this research, sack them.

Front Street, Grange Court

If the council bosses can't work it out for themselves surely this reveals to that they lack business and transformation skills ergo should they really be the bosses.

Audrey Halliday

Coming up with the ideas is the easy bit and not worth 1.2 million unless the savings are actually realised. It's the implementation of any change that is the hard bit and where these things just founder.


So the 4m we pay the senior management annually to run the council is to pay for what then? Faced with some nasty decisions about sacking people and cutting services, Edna and her 7 dwarves can spend 1.2m and hide behind the consultants report!

Wheeler Dealer

Parents have warned that cutting free bus travel to Holy Rood High for hundreds of pupils will increase truancy rates.

Pupils who refuse to go to school should be punished by the council and by their parents. It is fundamental that pupils attend school, if they cannot be trusted them parents must accept some responsibility for getting them to school. For years and years pupils have walked to school, this is not a new thing.

Chirpy Council Worker

We used to walk to school, whats wrong with the mother of father taking their kids to school,

The Real Alfonsa Pedrosa

Plenty buses along Milton/Willowbrae Road - 5-10 minute walk from Duddingston crossroads - hardly a major imposition even on todays indolent children

Nitpicking, Edinburgh

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I seems that modern day parents always expect someone else to pay for their children. If you have them you should be the ones looking after them, why should taxpayers pay to bus them tto school, the walk will do them good.


While I agree that the little mites should walk to school, the underlying story here is the free travel available to councillors, and the hypocrisy of this ruling.

Mad Jock, East Lothian

A team of former off licence managers have set up on their own after their employer went bust.

Good luck to Andrew and Ciaran in this new venture. A tough time to make money in this trade and they will need to offer good value and service to compete with Supermarkets.

AKHH, Dalkeith

Good luck, but what makes them think that they can do much better, its big business in this trade and not a walk in the park.

The Real Alfonsa Pedrosa

I'm reaching here but maybe, just maybe the guys in the article have marginally more knowledge and experience of the off-sales trade than you. That's what.

Douglas, Bathgate