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Lollipop men and women are sadly missing from our streets. Sucks, eh? There's medal calls for a heroic OAP

Parents fear for their children's safety walking to and from school because of cutbacks in the number of lollipop men and women patrolling the streets.

If a child cannot cross a road then it should not be going to school without direct supervision, i.e. a parent or carer! It is surely not up to schools to get a child to school safely, surely that's the responsibility of the parent/carer.

Chirpy Council Worker

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School crossing guides are certainly helpful in assisting children to cross the road safely. However, parents shouldn't be relying on them. It's parents' responsibility for ensuring that their kids know how to cross a road.


How about some solutions?

Perhaps the parent council could organise a rota system amongst themselves – i.e. stop expecting someone else to pick up the tab for your we'ans.

Klaus Dubois, Ed

Can they not use the lollipop persons from the schools that are going to close?

The Real Alfonsa Pedrosa, edinburgh

How about getting some of the dole blaggers to start doing these jobs till they find some employment that there are allegedly looking for? It's about time they started earning their Jobseekers' Allowance.

Zoobee, Edinburgh

But why are parents so concerned in the first place?

You might like to consider the idiot drivers who plough through crossings regardless of the lights or who is legitimately walking across them, like the idiot I watched this morning jump a red across the path of a mother with small children on the way to school. Yes, parents have a responsibility, but until road users can be trusted to treat pedestrians with respect, crossing guides at key points are a necessity.

MWP, Edinburgh

If a driver is going to risk going through a red light and hitting a mother and child, then the use of a person in a high-viz jacket and 'lollipop' isn't going to make much difference. Why would the same driver stop for a pensioner with a stick?

Speedy Gonzales, Edinburgh

Maybe we'll file this next comment under 'other'.

The council need to cut back on kids' safety so that they can spend the money they save on pointless junkets.


All hail the hero! That's exactly what retired painter John Tennant, who's just had a hip replacement, is. He rescued a neighbour from a blazing flat seconds before it exploded.

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In my estimation, John Tennant is what we should call a hero. Well done John.

The Real Alfonsa Pedrosa, edinburgh

Well done Mr Tennant.


There are not enough people like Mr Tennant, the city would be a much better place if more people were willing to do what he did. Another medal methinks.


Congratulations Mr Tennant and well done.

Ejnar, Norway

And so say all of us.

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