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Plenty of reaction as the trams project appears to stall once more. Comments, too, on Gaelic and the enforcers

A tram story is a red rag to readers. Yesterday's was no exception, with the great majority of the 100+ posters happy to put the boot in.

Sooooo 1.75 billion to finish it at this rate? Mmm, interesting. In other countries the citizens of any city hit by such a fiscal scandal would be protesting, but here we just sit and mope. Let's storm the City Chambers!


Such a surprise!

W Adam

Anyone out there still think this is good value for money?


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Is it not time an Anti-Tram Party was created to stand against those councillors who foisted this la la project on Edinburgh?

Eric The Archer

Jings, at this rate Al-Megrahi will have popped his clogs before the first tram runs.

Daft Old Git

Time to cut our losses, abandon the project, sell off what can be sold, and stop throwing good money after bad.

Harry from Howgate

The tram saga is nothing short of becoming Edinburgh's disgrace


Glasgow is so far ahead of its time with its subway, soon to be upgraded, and its urban rail network – the largest outside London. We really don't have a clue on how to be a real city.


Glasgow also has its delightful "suburban motorway", giving uplifting views of concrete pillars, the delightful thrum of tyres on concrete, and the stimulating smell of cooked engine oil.


Sprinkled among the posts there were one or two still backing the trams.

We will only recover from recession by boosting the economy. The trams are an economic growth driver, and an investment in an asset for the city which will serve us for decades.

Duncan in Edinburgh

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And there were a surprising number backing the proposal to spend 2m extra on teaching Gaelic in the Capital.

If Gaelic medium education is expanding, it's because tax-paying parents are demanding it.

Iain Mac

Plenty of research has shown that bringing children up bilingual enables them to learn third and fourth languages much easier and more readily.


But not everyone thought it a good idea . . .

If language teaching leads to higher attainment, and I believe it does, at least teach a useful language

Wee Keef

Complete waste of good money. Gaelic in modern Scotland is only used by a snooty few to tell the rest of the people in Scotland that they are more Scottish than them.

broom man

Finally, a word of advice to those enforcers who have problems with the colour of a car when ticketing.

Does the registration number not give the car away?

Mince Pie Abendmahl,