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Frail OAP stranded in run-down estate, ship-to-ship oil transfers on horizon again and legal fight over pub loo laws

Ina Stobie has been left in a "dumping ground" estate until next spring while her sheltered housing complex is completed.

What has happened to common sense? She is 90 years old and should not have to live like that. I know she doesn't want to move out of the area, it just seems like a tragedy in the waiting.

Xena – Warrior Princess

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Surely the effect of this report is to advertise the poor lady's isolation, making her even less safe?

Hesiod Claxton

What has really happened here is said lovely old lady has decided there is one and only one place she wants to live which is not yet ready to be occupied. Therefore she will have to wait. This is what she has chosen to do. Please note, the article does not say if the sheltered housing complex she wants to go to is council, housing association or private. So please don't blame the council. Alternatively, she could note her interest in other sheltered housing developments.

Not In Unison

Her granddaughter has offered to put her up, but she has refused. This would have been a reasonable stopgap solution until the new place was ready. The old wifey sounds a bit stubborn.

digestive biscuits V

She may be concerned that if she took that offer she may not get a place in a sheltered housing complex as she would be deemed to have somewhere else to stay.


Talking of concerns, English MPs are bidding to block a ban on ship-to-ship oil transfers in the Forth. Are you worried?

Stop the ignorant scare-mongering. Turn a threat into an opportunity; Scotland has been handling oil transfers for decades.

Klaus Dubois

Can't a dedicated ship-to-ship transfer site be set up somewhere in Scottish waters that have containment devices and all the other oil spill technology? And couldn't those in charge of the site, ie Scottish Government or such, then charge ships a fee for undertaking a ship-to-ship transfer with a caveat that if there is a spill, they are fined to the hilt?

Gary Inserik

If it got the point where a company was fined for a spill, it would be TOO LATE!

NB Nobby

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The navies of the world have been doing fuel transfers for decades. They transfer thousands of tonnes of fuel every day and that's while the ships are moving and manoeuvring! Where's all the uproar about that?

Jimmy Dee

The consequences of a spill are unimaginable.The only motive is more money for the oil companies. Why take the risk?


Finally, a pub group has taken the council to court over new laws governing the number of female loos.

There are far greater problems out there than the number of toilets for each sex for the council to worry about.


I'm all for protecting the more vulnerable bars from overpowering licensing requirements, but the Pear Tree has both the profits and the space to meet the requirements.

Duncan in Edinburgh

I don't remember the protesters marching down the street demanding toilets for all. It was all working well as it was.

Drunken Master

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