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A parking cheat was pilloried and the council's ad board crackdown was questioned by our online observers

The out-of-work white van man with the highest number of outstanding parking fines in the Capital has said there's "no danger" he'll pay the 9,000 he owes for parking illegally.

Oh dear Darren. You've made a big mistake here. People will now be asking how you afford to buy, fuel, tax and insure your van if you can't afford to park it. And making it a sob story means that people now have the justification to look into your personal circumstances; Didn't know about the permits scheme? Really? What a load of nonsense.

Duncan in Edinburgh

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Today's article says: "Unemployed Mr McPhee". However, from yesterday's story: "It is believed attempts to seize his vehicle have so far failed because it is used for work purposes." Hmmmmmmm . . .

digestive biscuits V

This guy is having a laugh. "Ooo – I didn't know where to get a parking permit, so I racked up 9k of fines" Nonsense. Get a spine, lad.


Every parking attendant in Edinburgh will be after this van now. I wouldn't be surprised if they don't start a competition to see who can lay the most tickets on it. I cannot believe Darren actually gave this interview. It's like he's just pressed the big red button marked 'self destruct'


Take away his van today, no ifs, no buts, just remove it.


To quote the half-wit: "Why should I pay for a permit when I pay council tax and road tax and everything? Why should I have to pay that as well?" Er, No. You have been unemployed for the past three years so you get council tax benefit. You don't pay council tax. All the money you have received over the past three years has been courtesy of the tax-payer.


I've just read the article again and now I'm convinced that whoever invented the word "moron" knew that one day Darren would be born.

digestive biscuits V

Taking the van would be a waste of time. A van worth about 200 would hardly cover the 9,000 in fines. If he is unemployed, he'll have plenty of time to do community service to pay of his debt to society. Get him into court I say.

Richard lm Pearson

The council has started to enforce a ban on the use of advertising boards on the Royal Mile.

More to the point how about cleaning up the tacky cheap tables, chairs and cigaette butts which take over so much of our pavements?


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I'm not entirely sure about the legal case for CEC removing boards and charging 50 for their return! It kinda sounds like theft and extortion rolled into one!


How about allowing the poor businesses that are located off the Royal Mile in the closes to display the boards? There has to be some sort of compromise available for places that are otherwise hidden to all but the most inquisitive tourist.


they are nothing but a nusiance. they were often side by side across the pavement . . . blocking the Public Footpath . . . would hate to be "blind"


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