Radical troubles

The story of three teenage girls travelling to join extremists in Syria raises eyebrows.

The notion that those who pursue these paths of radicalisation do so in a search for adventurism and excitement at a particular age, as Prince Charles expounded during his trip to Jordan this month, is laughable, naïve and troubling.

Why would someone born, bred and raised in the comfort of Western societies travel in pursuit of adventure, to kill or be killed in restive regions? What makes a few teenagers turn against their own societies?

What drives young teenagers into militancy?

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The vast majority of Muslims are hard-working, peace-loving and law-abiding people and have contributed enormously 
to the economic, linguistic, ­cultural and intellectual diversity and prosperity of their host societies.

Terrorism and criminality have no religion, creed, class and colour. We should propagate this in our battle for hearts and minds.

(Dr) Munjed Farid 
Al Qutob

Chartley Avenue