Racist e-mail

I’d HAVE more sympathy for Yen Hongmei Jin’s resignation (Your report, 8 August) over the SNP refusal to act against allegations over a racist e-mail, were it not for the fact this was not the story she gave last month when she resigned citing not being picked to stand for Holyrood – a predicted massacre by the SNP of all comers nationwide – as the reason.

Ms Jin told her local newspaper on 26 July: “Despite being already approved by the SNP as the approved candidate for the local elections, Westminster elections and Scottish Parliament elections, the party officials suddenly withdrew my approved status without any explanation, claiming it was an error.”

Dare one suggest it was being refused a first class ticket for the Holyrood gravy train – a mere £53 091 basic and up to £60 700 extra for “constituency work” plus other allowances – that’s the real reason for her resignation and decision to stand next year as an independent List ­candidate?

Mark Boyle

Linn Park Gardens