Racing ahead

Alastair Dalton, in a piece headed “Scotland’s worst speeder caught at 129mph”, (your report, 20 March) writes: “On Wednesday, Police Scotland said that a poll of 43 000 people had put speeding as their greatest concern.”

He also quotes Police Scotland Chief Constable Sir Stephen House as saying: “We need to look at our approach [to speeding] to ensure we cover every stage of life from the very young to the elderly to influence and encourage positive driving behaviour.”

Meanwhile, your motoring correspondent Tom Hunter (Motoring, 20 March) describes the Volkswagen Golf R as “a modern masterpiece”.

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His enthusiasm knows few bounds, as he lovingly writes: “Where the R does induce squeals of delight is on the road. It’s breathtakingly quick but refined at the same time, so you can cover the ground quickly and arrive unruffled.”

And how quickly can you cover the ground?

Again, let’s hear from Mr Hunter: “Order your Golf R with a six-speed twin-clutch automatic gearbox and it’ll snap through the ratios for you, cracking 60mph in 4.9 seconds on its way to an electronically-governed top speed of 155mph.”

And Scotland’s worst speeder managed only 129mph?

He should treat his family to a VW Golf, the better to show Sir Stephen’s colleagues a really clean pair of heels!

Sandy Simpson

Erskine Hill