QC’s PC report

I would like to correct a false impression given by the article (17 November) concerning the theft of a laptop from my home.

The article describes my conduct as “cavalier” and “alarming”. These words were not those of the Information Commissioner. The Information Commissioner accepted that I had physical security measures in place at my home, including a burglar alarm. To state the obvious, I did not leave the front door open and invite the thieves in to steal my possessions.

The article stated that the Information Commissioner had revealed that, although the laptop was stolen in summer 2009, the QC “deliberately waited for more than two years before reporting the theft”.

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That is not the case. As soon as I discovered that the laptop was missing in the summer of 2009 I immediately informed the police and other parties with an interest in the information contained in the laptop.

Any implication that I was involved in any attempt to conceal or suppress information about what had happened is totally without foundation.

Ruth Crawford QC

Advocates Library

Parliament House