Protest warning

If Nicola Sturgeon wants my protest vote to help oust the Liberal Democrats from Edinburgh West in May, she needs to stop scaremongering over the NHS and score real hits against the Westminster parties.

It’s not true that they’re retaining a veto on funding for Scottish healthcare; Holyrood controls that. By firing off such ill-judged squibs she risks failing to convince those who rejected independence because of similarly ill-conceived currency plans.

The SNP’s policy makers must get it together before May or they will rightly be deemed to have blown it.

Bruce Whitehead

Hillwood Place

South Queensferry

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The First Minister believes that the SNP can be a “progressive force” at Westminster. Obviously she is unaware of the old saying: “Don’t run before you can walk.”

Wouldn’t it be a more sensible ambition to be a progressive force at Holyrood? The SNP need to prove they can be a mature government in their own back yard before solving the UK’s problems.

Ken Currie

Liberton Drive