Propaganda tool

Anyone who was under any illusion about the depths to which the London propaganda machine would stoop in order to misguide the Scottish people into voting No at the referendum should consider the new 16-page, expensive looking, glossy, A5 pamphlet, produced by HM Government, at great cost to the taxpayer, to inundate Scottish households with their Better Together misinformation.

I was utterly appalled when I received this one-sided booklet from a so-called democratic 
institution, depriving us of information essential to sound judgment. Do they have no crisis of conscience?

It is a false use and malicious abuse of public money, which the Scottish Government ought to challenge in a court of law.

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The bipartisanship of the Tory and Labour leaders defending imperial interests in Scotland should be carefully considered by Scottish socialists. Any socialist party that is against political freedom for Scotland is a joke.

The SNP, for instance, does not ask Scots to vote for an SNP government in perpetuity; it wants them to vote Yes in September to give them the power to choose whatever government they wish.

If the No-hopers succeed, we will be left to entertain the same old problems, with no written constitution, after the Better Together circus has gone.

William Burns

Pennywell Road