Propaganda rules

How right Professor Lunn is in suggesting the public be empowered to enable us to participate in decision-making on Scotland’s energy future (Friends of The Scotsman, 6 August), “it [being] important that both the government and civil society work to provide clarity in areas of doubt in order to provide citizens with the best foundation on which to make informed decisions”.

For instance, all we get at the moment in relation to the vexed question of renewables is endless and unsubstantiated propaganda disseminated by the Scottish Government, Scottish Renewables and Lang Banks of WWF Scotland, each with their own vested interests.

The content of the press releases issued by the aforementioned triune is given such prominence, too often unquestioned, that the word “brainwashing” comes to mind. On the other hand, those citizens who challenge and question that propaganda have to rely on the letters pages. Invaluable though that latter resource is, is it sufficient in itself to sustain democracy in the “New Scotland Project” we are supposed to be embarking upon?

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