As Scotland’s oldest dedicated pro-European campaigning organisation, at the forefront of the fight to keep us in the EU, we were heartened to see the Prime Minister pledging a “wholly positive” campaign.

The benefits of our EU membership are plentiful. Whether it is climate change, energy security or international trade, decisions taken by the EU are more effective than the ones made by 28 individual states.

As an example, European decisions helped us to reduce sulphur dioxide emissions by almost 90 per cent over the past 40 years.

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It has also provided important social protections for workers in Scotland and across the continent, be it the 48-hour minimum working week or minimum-paid annual leave.

And, of course, the single market of 500 million people, the largest single market in the world, is vital for businesses, with more than 300,000 Scottish jobs dependent on our exports to the EU.

It also allows the freedom to travel, study and work across the EU, bringing many benefits to Scotland.

The peace, stability and prosperity that the EU has brought to Scotland through our membership is to be absolutely cherished and we are happy to see the Prime Minister aims to promote the positives.

Derek Hammersley

The European Movement in Scotland

Cumberland Street SE Lane