Prescription fees

As one who welcomed the abolition of prescription charges in Scotland, I was further convinced of the abolition on learning of a reply to a parliamentary question by SNP MSP Bob Doris.

The findings in response to this question on costs and savings to those with long-term conditions was very pleasing.

The finding revealed that in 2015-16 asthma/pulmonary 
disease sufferers could expect to have saved approximately £2.6 million and for those with 
cardiovascular conditions this figure jumps to approximately £4.6m.

As a result of the abolition of prescription charges, many with different long-term conditions have been released from the worry of managing and controlling their conditions with medication.

This is surely the correct and moral way forward, and it is long overdue that this policy is adopted by the UK Government for those with long-term conditions in England.


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No one should be put in the position of having to make choices on such life and death issues, or be hospitalised to be stabilised as a result of not being able to afford medication, a situation happening in England.

Catriona C Clark

Hawthorn Drive