Power play

I’m sure much of the recent upswing in support for the Yes campaign is due to the arrogance, hostility and resentment in the Westminster clique’s reaction to loss of power and status. It shows even in David Cameron’s claim that “we” are a Christian country with an established church.

He’s right, of course, with reference to England; the Church of England is established only there, but he was no doubt applying it to the UK in the long-established tradition of England being regarded as equating to the UK. With foresight and political acuity – virtually unknown in the self-important world of politicians – the whole uproar could have been avoided at the time of devolving parliamentary power to the smaller parts of Britain.

That automatically downgraded the Westminster posts of secretaries of state for these areas and should have led to these appointments being sourced from the regional parliaments.

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That would have given increased accreditation to the status of devolution by removing an unhealthy reminder of colonial governorship, besides opening up the opportunity to give England its own Office and Secretary, which has never existed.

Robert Dow

Ormiston Road