Power pipe-dream

Germany has more than 22,200 wind turbines but Germany’s CO2 emissions are still rising and they have the highest electricity bills in Europe. Doesn’t this tell you something?

In 2011 Chancellor Angela Merkel ordered the country’s eight oldest atomic reactors to shut down. To fill this generating shortfall she wants electricity companies to build modern gas and coal fired generators.

Yes, you read correctly – coal and gas – and carbon capture and storage is still a “pipe-dream”.

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The US is exporting cheap coal to Europe and Poland is a major consumer. Australia, Germany and Spain are already slashing green subsidies and the Czech Republic’s government has voted to end support for renewables power generation in a bid to reduce electricity bills.

Only 6 per cent of total global CO2 is caused by mankind. When historians look back at this era, they will point out that billions of dollars/pounds/euros have been extracted from ordinary people and ruining economies on the criminally false pretext of saving the planet.

Clark Cross