Potty mouths

I was shocked, disgusted and outraged by the offensive language used by Stephen Fry and other presenters at the Bafta Award Ceremony on Sunday evening (your report, 11 February)

All these “luvvies” probably think it is clever to use such inane props as swearing to bring attention to themselves.

It was totally out of place and they should be ashamed. No doubt they would have received handsome fees for their performances.

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It is my opinion that Bafta should choose its presenters more carefully, edit their speeches and certainly refrain from employing Stephen Fry in future.

Anne Gwynn



The BBC has defended Stephen Fry’s use of bad language when hosting the Bafta awards.

I am not overly offended by such language but one does wonder why someone so well educated, intelligent and erudite as Mr Fry would have to use this language in the first place.

Val Kelly

Bangholm Park