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WHAT does it say about UK politics when a former government minister denies responsibility for his and his party’s actions when in government, whether it be the Iraq war or Britain’s current economic predicament.

Brian Wilson knows full well that total NHS spending, including all forms of capital expenditure, by the Scottish Government has exceeded Barnett consequentials yet in his latest diatribe (Perspective, 25 April) he attempts to persuade readers to believe otherwise. 

Mr Wilson also knows that the recent Institute for Fiscal Studies figures are fundamentally flawed in attributing savings through tax evasion measures and revenues through additional taxes to projections for Labour but not for the SNP, but again he shows contempt for those who do not have the time or inclination to investigate his comments. 

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Mr Wilson, as a former energy minister, also knows the price of oil will not stay low for long, yet he would rather continue to peddle the myth of a sustained fall (“collapse”) in the oil price rather than admit that on average major investment banks are already predicting a 50 per cent increase in the oil price over the next year.

Of course it is because of such deliberate deception, which has become an art form for New Labour, that the Labour Party in Scotland is now in such dire straits as traditional supporters increasingly see through the empty mirage created by Mr Wilson and his fellow Labour Party politicians.

Stan Grodynski

Longniddry, East Lothian