Positive thinking

I can’t be the only person rather irritated by the patronising contribution of Barry Turner from Better Together (Letters, 6 May).

Firstly the idea that people like me, intending to vote Yes, are simply seeking a government at Westminster that we voted for is just bunkum. By definition he must mean that we might get a Labour government in 2015 and that will somehow make us all happy.

I’ve never voted Labour. I’ve voted for the SNP, the Green Party, the Liberal Democrats and even the Tory Party – when I first voted in 1987 I naively thought it was a good idea to vote for my local MP, Malcolm Rifkind, as he was in the Cabinet at the time.

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Secondly, the vague promises from Labour and others of greater powers for the Scottish Parliament are just that – vague promises. As far as I can see, their promises amount to control of around 25 per cent of the tax we generate.

My analysis of the attitude of Yes voters that I know is that they are the ones who have carefully assessed the state of the UK and concluded that on every long-term economic, social and equality measure the UK is performing dismally.

They are the ones who can see that, with the power of democracy sitting distantly in Westminster, their ability to make any measurable contribution to the betterment of society and our economy is severely limited.

They can also see through the promises of further devolution as both vague and insufficient. Despite how they are portrayed, they are not a bunch of myopic, chest-thumping “Bravehearts” but have reached their view after careful intelligent consideration of the facts.

I am voting Yes not to get the government of my choice but ­because it brings the decision-making and the power of democracy within my grasp.

Yes, there is some uncertainty but this is inevitable and the risks are grossly exaggerated. I would challenge Mr Turner to put aside his patriotic allegiance, think independently, look in detail at the state of our economy and society and aspire to a future where he can influence all the decisions made by the people of Scotland for the people of Scotland to create a society that benefits the many and not just the few.

Andrew SR Gordon

Craiglockhart View