Positive progress

Andrew HN Gray (Letters, 19 June) writes that “you cannot reform Britain by voting to break it up”.

But a Yes vote can give us in Scotland a chance to reform our own country.

And there are many south of the Border who want us to vote Yes to give them the impetus to reform England.

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Our choice will also affect Wales and Northern Ireland. Again, we may expect that Yes will help our friends in these countries to move forward to a better future than is offered by a continuation of the present United Kingdom.

David Stevenson

Blacket Place


In the not so distant past independence campaigns were fought by passionate, hungry people who would willingly die for their cause.  

That happily we are far from that situation is highlighted by, among others, Joe Darby and Andrew HN Gray (Letters, 19 June) whose joint campaign slogan can be summed up as: “Omelettes for all! (No eggs will be damaged in this process.)”

It could only happen in Scotland, and we should be immensely proud of that.

Irvine Inglis



A startling glimpse of the mindset of the pro-break-up campaign is given with the letter from Douglas Turner (19 June).

He claims that the Pope, the Chinese prime minister, Hillary Clinton, President Obama et al, when casting doubts on the sense of breaking up a peaceful, successful, centuries-old union, are merely being “suckered” by “planted questions”.

Presumably these world leaders are all horribly wrong and easily duped and only the SNP view is right and the leaders’ pleas for caution, once again, are all part of some pro-UK conspiracy.

They are not, he infers, urging caution as a considered view from friendly, sage and well-meaning onlookers, but merely pandering to some dark forces who are, it seems, all trying to do the Scottish Nationalists down.

Were it not so sad, it would be humorous.

Alexander McKay

New Cut Rigg