Positive element

Prime Minister David Cameron is encouraging exploration for shale gas (your report, 14 January).

Councils will be allowed to keep 100 per cent of the business rates plus £100,000 for every gas well that is fracked plus a proposed 1 per cent of revenue.

The usual green suspects complain that this is a bribe. What about all the bribes given by wind farm developers to local communities on the condition that they did not oppose, and thus delay, the harvesting of eye-watering turbine subsidies?

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In America shale gas has replaced coal, improved air pollution and reduced CO2 emissions.

The zealots repeat the myth that fracking causes ground water pollution and earthquakes.

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Fracking uses a basic mixture of water and sand with minor additives which can be found in kitchen or garage – 0.01 each of a biocide, a polymeric lubricant and a stabiliser. As for earthquakes, there is more vibration from a number nine bus.

The construction of a single wind turbine requires 2,000 HGV movements but a shale gas wellhead only 1,000, over a much shorter time of two months.

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Shale gas will make the UK less reliant on volatile foreign suppliers. What’s not to like?

Clark Cross

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Springfield Road