Population issue

Jack McConnell writes that countries must do more for those countries devastated by hurricanes, cyclones, and ­typhoons (Perspective Extra, 
21 March).

He blames extreme weather patterns on mankind and says: “The global community must take consistent action to slow down climate change and ­reduce the likelihood of extreme weather.”

If he really believes in man-made climate change then his “words of wisdom” would be better directed at China, India, Germany and the numerous countries who burn coal.

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Ironically in the same edition of The Scotsman the United Nations warns that the world could face a water shortage of 40 per cent in just 15 years’ time that crops will fail, industries collapse and there could be violent conflicts over access to water (“UN warns world may face water shortage”).

The world population today is 7.3 billion, growing at a rate of more than 70 million a year and there will be more than nine billion people by 2050.

The green brigade remain uncharacteristically silent.

So if mankind is causing ­climate change, why are governments not taking steps to reduce these pending disasters by ­strictly linking foreign aid to contraception and abolishing child allowances?

People cause CO2 emissions, or is this too simple a concept for green zealots?

Clark Cross

Springfield Road