A poor reception

I am wondering why every time I attempt to make an appointment with a doctor or a dentist I am met with middle-aged, prissy, unapproachable female receptionists.

I know I am not the only one who has experienced this and there is often great ­conflict ­between receptionists and ­patients because of the receptionists’ attitudes.

With receptionists almost ­acting like security guards to doctors I think it is time to modernise this old-fashioned, ­unhelpful role.

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After submitting a Freedom of Information Request I have discovered that there is a huge skill shortage in my area, and 90 per cent of all receptionist posts were filled by women.

This is bordering on sexism. Why are there so few male ­receptionists? I don’t ­believe that it is because of a lack of ­applications. I believe that this role is traditionally seen as ­female and NHS Trusts are ­unwilling to embrace change.

Gordon Kennedy

Simpson Square