Poor politics

In BRIAN Wilson’s own words, “there is something peculiarly unpleasant about the political exploitation of other people’s economic circumstances while doing nothing to address them”, (Perspective 17 May).

Mr Wilson is not reluctant to lecture others in government on taking “responsibility”. Although having attained the lofty position of cabinet minister in a Labour government that presided over increasing inequality throughout the UK, never mind Scotland, he has failed to recognise that his party’s policies created more problems than solutions.

The headline “This is the politics of the dung heap” is apt for someone who, in spite of all his years in politics, still cannot resist exploiting the opportunities afforded him through a weekly column to attack and smear the Scottish Government and the SNP.

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It could be argued that Mr Wilson, an anti-devolutionist, is helping the Yes cause by not rising above the pursuit of some skewed personal agenda, especially while others in his party – such as Douglas Alexander and Margaret Curran – are calling for more respectful referendum debate. But as the world looks on, Mr Wilson’s bitter and twisted comments betray all of us.

Stan Grodynski

East Lothian