Pompous Paxman

HERE we go again, a very rich television presenter imagines everyone is just like him, cosseted, self-indulged and pompous.

Jeremy Paxman (your report, 21 January) preaches to the nation about how lucky we all are; what he really means is why are we not all as clever and self-aware as him?

If we were, we would all just count our blessings that we weren’t caught up in a beastly war and instead just fall out of Oxbridge and into a presenting job with Auntie Beeb. Or he could just be indulging in that other media pastime of creating a bit of a twitter for his book accompanying his BBC series that will make him yet more money and lead to more self-indulgence and cosseting while the rest of us head for the food bank.

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The same could apply to other supposed retired presenters – Sir Terry Wogan springs to mind – who sniff up licence fee-payers’ money like an Elizabethan dandy might have a pinch of snuff.

David Cruickshanks

Weavers Crescent

Kirkcaldy, Fife