I WAS intrigued by the online comments you have for your cartoon (Pollercoaster, 18 May), highlighting the swings one way and then the other in the Scottish independence debate, and how these swings are likely to multiply and get faster the closer we get to the actual day itself.

If the polls are indeed going to work out in that way, is there then any merit in spending so much time trying to explain the variations, particularly as few reasons why seem to be forthcoming?

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Such coverage will only confuse voters, and the eventual winner will then probably be whichever side can put together a couple of dumbed-down messages to cut through all the flak. We deserve better than that.

Can we get back to talking about what the issues are? What will independence mean for us as individuals, and if we don’t know the absolutes of every issue, what are the risks and where is the balance of probability? Some proper analysis of that would be more instructive.

Victor Clements, Aberfeldy